Bulgarian Construction Sector

Many Bulgarian companies are specialized in the field of investment, design and construction. Some are in business for more than 20 years and are established leaders in the construction sector in Bulgaria. Others have even over 40 years of experience as main contractors of public, residential, industrial, infrastructure and eco- projects. So far, major local construction companies have operated on the territory of Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Germany and the Near East. They are active also in the field of investment projects, including large-scale projects of national importance.

There are investors and executors of residence buildings, hotels, administrative, public and industrial premises in the country. The quality of their work and their reputation is protected by dozens of projects, built and turned over on the territory of Bulgaria and abroad.

The scope of activities of the Bulgarian construction companies could be defined in the following categories:

  • Engineering in the sphere of construction activities, including marketing, feasibility studies, research and design activities
  • Construction and assembly works – residential, public, industrial, others
  • Investment activities
  • Tourism
  • Manufacturing and trading with construction products and materials
  • Rehabilitation, reconstruction and construction of roads, highways, airports, underground stations and underground railways, ground railroads and facilities, urban infrastructure and road marking.
  • Building of water-supplying and gas-distributing networks and wastewater treatment plants

Most of the companies meet the requirements and criteria for participation in international procedures of NATO through the NATO Agency for Maintenance and Supplies.

The activity of the construction companies is provided for by the continuously enhancing material assets:

  • storage bases;
  • cranes;
  • autopark for heavy-freight machines;
  • autopark for automobiles;
  • excavators;
  • loaders;
  • concrete transport trucks;
  • concrete pumper;
  • scaffolding, casing;
  • modern machine park and production base;
  • factories for construction materials and products based on high-tech technologies;
  • concrete batching plants;
  • quarry for construction materials, etc.

Such construction companies have at their disposal the necessary highly qualified specialists for construction and turning over the construction project as a main executor. Specialists in the following main fields work in the companies:

  • Construction Engineers
  • Economists
  • Construction Technicians
  • Professionals with narrow specialization in different construction fields.

In peak moments the number of the employees of the companies reaches 1000 people.

All of the main and reputable construction companies are members of the Bulgarian Building and Construction Chamber and are licensed to work abroad.