is our business!

The basic problem of the Bulgarian medium and small size companies, which in their turn can undertake medium and small size projects, is that they are either excluded or do not have the right contacts to open the door to foreign contracts. This is where EUROLINK INTERNATIONAL-CONTRACTING LTD come in with a joint venture between the Bulgarian and Qatari side.

The real essence in our strength is directly connected to our ability to enlist new and reputable Bulgarian contractors with a sound background and help them to enter the Qatari market successfully. This approach creates a number of great opportunities on the ground, the good handling of which is thanks to smart thinking, professionalism and full dedication to our task.

With regard to the execution of its activity, EUROLINK INTERNATIONAL-CONTRACTING LTD actively works with the representatives of the legislative and executive authorities, with the commercial agencies, with affiliate non-governmental associations here and abroad. We maintain regular exchange of experience and information concerning the common economic, political and legal grounds, as well as the framework conditions of the entrepreneurial activity in the construction industry in both countries.

Why Bulgaria

The following figures and facts can demonstrate the huge advantages Bulgaria has against the Qatari competition in terms of costs and prices.

The construction price of apartment blocks from 3 to 8 floors including everything, except flooring, kitchen, and sanitary equipment and lighting, top quality and finish in Bulgaria, is presently € 210 per sq. meter. In Qatar is nearly 4 times as much!

The construction cost for a super luxury one or two floor independent house over 450 sq. meters will cost in Bulgaria on a “turn key” basis € 325 per square meter, the same will cost in Qatar € 1250 per square meter ( the Bulgarian constructor may most certainly offer better quality than the standard similar in Qatar).