Salary and Employment Benefits in Doha Qatar

Salaries in Qatar are more or less similar to that in western nations. But, given the lack of personal taxation, net income is usually higher, and this is one of the major attractions of working in Qatar.

During the past, remuneration packages were divided into various elements like basic salary, car allowance, housing allowance, medical cover, children education and air tickets for home visits. Today, however, employers just pay a salary to cover all these expenses, although in few cases, there are other bonuses too.

Apart from their salary, contract workers are awarded an ‘indemnity’ at the end of the contract period. The indemnity is calculated on the basis of basic salary (excluding bonuses). For those working in Qatar for a long time, indemnity can be a lot of money, as several people manage to accumulate considerable financial backup or live the high life. The indemnity is not related to insurance, but it is more of an end-of-the-term bonus, and is required by law to be paid to expatriate workers thanking them for serving the state. It is also known as ‘end-of-contract benefits’ or ‘end-of-service’ benefits. The indemnity scales are in the range 15 to 20 days of basic pay per year of employment for the first three years, and a month’s pay every year, thereafter.


A worker is entitled to an end of service gratuity, upon expiry of his service. The worker should have completed atleast five years of employment. The gratuity will be agreed upon by the two parties, provided it is not less than three-week wages for each year of employment (and if one exceeds 5 years of service, gratuity could even be calculate at 30 days per year). The last drawn basic wage will be the base for calculation of gratuity. The employer is entitled to deduct from service gratuity, the amount due to him by the worker, if any.


The employer usually fixes the date of annual leave for the worker as per the work requirements and may divide the leave with the consent of the worker, provided, it should not be divided for more than two periods. In case the employee submits a written application for postponement of the annual leave, it can be postponed to next year, but, it should not be more than half of the annual leave. Some companies also offer payment in lieu of annual leave of the employee, equivalent to the wage of the employee for the leave days for which he is entitled, in case the contract is terminated before the worker claims his leave.

Average salaries

The average monthly salary in Qatar is around QR7,800 according to the findings reported by the Qatar Statistics Authority (QSA) during their Labour Force Sample Survey conducted in 2010. The income of males is QR8,484 (38.9 percent higher than for women), while the average for women is QR6,106.

The average monthly salaries in the private sector is QR5,391 and it is nearly three times lesser than the QR14,631 average in government sector, the findings revealed.

The findings by the Authority also revealed that the average monthly salary of legislators, senior officials and managers was a high of QR27,616.

The average salary data (gross median) based on different cities in Qatar as per the latest PayScale survey, are:

Doha – QR144,418

Ras Laffan – QR264,862

Mesaieed – QR98,041

Dukhan – QR180,000

Average Salary for different Professions in Qatar are approximately as follows

Civil Engineer – QR106,065

Project Manager, Construction – QR286,503

Mechanical Engineer – QR99,532

Accountant – QR48,279

Operations Manager – QR227,412

Electrical Engineer- QR84,000

Project Manager, IT – QR199,727

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science – QR133,000

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering – QR183,126

Bachelor of Arts, Business – QR115,700

Bachelor of Engineering – QR84,000

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