is our business!

Eurolink International-Contracting Ltd is active in the following fields:

  • Construction of private and state buildings of all sizes.
  • Construction and maintenance of civil engineering works of all kind and sizes.
  • Electrical and Electrical Mechanical Engineering projects of all kind and sizes.
  • Architectural and Civil Engineering Design and consulting services.
  • Project Management and Surveying.
  • Marketing and Sales of residential, industrial and office properties.

Our aim is to:

  • Contribute for the further development and deepening of the economic relations between the construction industries of the two countries;
  • Acknowledge the wish of Bulgaria, Member State of the European Union, to prove the best practices in the field of construction and the construction industry, in Qatar;
  • Protect the interests of the consumers of construction services and improve the image, and rise the competitiveness of their members.

Therefore, EUROLINK INTERNATIONAL-CONTRACTING LTD undertake to develop the following activities, connected to the mutual interests and related to the bilateral cooperation in different fields and spheres of the construction activity, and namely:

  • We consider as our special task the development and deepening of the ties between the Qatari investors and the Bulgarian construction industry & contractors.
  • The enlargement and improvement of the framework conditions for cooperation on the level of construction udertakings of both countries.