Entry Visa for Qatar

Tourist Visa

Depending on where you come from, you may be able to enter Qatar on a tourist visa – despite official statements that this is for two weeks, this is normally granted for the period of a month. A small fee must be paid (by credit card) upon entrance, and you should have the address of where you are staying ready to present to immigration. The list changes from time to time, but most Western countries as well as Japan are on the list.

Business Visa

Business visas are granted after application by a Qatari National on your behalf. Initially valid for seven days, they can be extended up to one month.

Longer Visas

Citizens of the UK and America can get longer visas, including multiple entry visas of to five years (UK) or ten years (US). Send a self addressed envelope to the Qatari Embassy for more details.

Residence and Work Visas

For longer stay and for working you will need a residents and work visa. This can only be obtained via sponsorship via a Qatari company or Qatari national. Having obtained this, you can then sponsor spouses and children, although in practice it can be difficult for women to sponsor their husbands.

Useful Links

Qatar Visas: More information on all types of Qatar Visas.
Hukoomi: Qatar Government Portal

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